Shingled/Rolled Roofs

For Buildings on a Budget

Conklin’s Fabric-Reinforced Coating system offers you affordable protection for your leaky shingle or rolled roof without sacrificing durability. Our time-tested acrylic coatings stand up to high winds and even hail. And they can be applied directly on top of your existing roof!

Our ENERGY STAR-rated Coating Systems can save you multiple ways:

  • Energy savings. White roofs reflect rather than absorb the sun’s heat rays. This keeps your home or building cooler and can save you up to 30 percent annually in cooling costs. (Coatings are also available in light colors to match your home or building’s exterior.)
  • A great Return On Investment (ROI). Coating can pay for itself in energy savings within just 7 years.*
  • The possibility of no expensive tear-off and haul away.**
  • Fast application means minimal job-site disruption.
  • Easily renewable.
  • Lightweight and dirt-resistant.

For a durable solution that fits your budget, choose Conklin’s Shingled/Rolled Roof Coating System. Click on the downloads for specific product information.

*Actual results may vary pending an energy audit.
**Check with local code agencies and with Conklin technical services.