Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer free estimates?

A: Yes

Q: How much will this roof/job cost?

A: Sometimes we can give a rough ballpark figure over the phone to help a customer estimate a budget, but there is no “one size fits all” roofing system on the market. The cost can depend on many things: the condition of the existing roof, access, what we have to work around, number of penetrations through the roof, whether the roof is rusty, etc. So it is more fair for us both to look at the job in person and go over your needs in detail, whether it be emergency repair, long term, or complete system.

Q: Do we do repairs?

A: Yes. We have many facilities that use us exclusively to find leaks and solve them. I take great pride in our ability to take those stubborn, hard to find leaks and locate them. I can provide you with several testimonials of a building that had leaked for years, yet we solved it the first time.

Q: I see water on my ceiling, is my roof leaking?

A: Many times it is not. There are many places that water can enter a structure other than the roof. Many times it is a flashing issue or even the walls. Bricks along a parapet wall are a chronic problem source for leaks. Has the window been left open upstairs?

Q: I want a cheap roof. Can you do that?

A: You can always find someone to do a job cheaper if you look long enough. But let me ask you this, what would you want us to leave out or not do? I will not cut quality on any job, because my name is on it whether good or bad, and especially if it’s bad. Sometime we can use a lower cost product, but it will still be done at the best of our ability and ALWAYS at a fair price. And you can always depend on us standing behind our job with dependable service long after it’s done.